NOMAD is pleased to announce its forthcoming edition in Venice this summer.

Coinciding with the 58th Venice Biennale Arte and the Biennale of Cinema, NOMAD will be deeply ingrained in the city’s cultural fabric and introduce a new focus on contemporary design.

A travelling event for collectable design, NOMAD brings together a selection of the world’s leading galleries in incredible architectural locations. Conceived by Giorgio Pace and Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte, NOMAD establishes a unique dialog between works and personal context, creating a community of individuals looking for a different experience.

NOMAD Venice is taking place in partnership with Venice Glass Week, aiming to strengthen one of Venice’s historic artisan crafts and remaining industries. Venetian glassmaking exists since the 8th Century, and its tradition encompasses master-glassmakers working with materials of a special chemical composition melted under high temperatures in furnaces.

With regards to the rich cultural heritage of Murano, the presence of leading artisans, renowned furnaces and schools, NOMAD is looking forward to initiate an international survey of the material and its contemporary diaspora through special projects, commissions and collaborations between local craft and global galleries or designers.

The venue, Palazzo Soranzo Van Axel, is a Gothic palace built in 1473 on the southernmost tip of the Cannaregio quarter in Venice. With 3.500 sqm on four floors, the period-listed building was once the residence of wealthy Flemish textile merchants. Closed to the public until 2017, the palace has been restored with special attention to historical integrity over the duration of seven year


NOMAD aims to rethink how work is presented to create an event that is bespoke, intimate and provides a radically new context.

Following a successful debut appearance in Monaco in April 2017, NOMAD will travel to different destinations of architectural significance to stage entirely new showcases that explore the dialogue between design, art and context.

NOMAD is an event for collectors, interior designers, architects and art and design professionals. Access to the event is possible via accreditation on the NOMAD website and by invitation.

About the founders

NOMAD is conceived by two leading voices in the design and luxury sectors.

©Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte and Giorgio Pace.

Giorgio Pace is a publishing, art and luxury brand specialist, having staged projects and events with partners including Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Visionaire, Louis Vuitton, Rick Owens, Moët Hennessy, the Vatican and Pierre Huyghe, with the latest project curated and organized in St. Moritz.

Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte is a design curator and art director working on various multidisciplinary projects with renowned international partners. He is the co-founder of Carwan Gallery in Beirut and the art director of the bronze foundry Fonderia Artistica Battaglia. He has commissioned special projects to India Mahdavi, Bernard Khoury, Rotor Collective and Vincenzo De Cotiis, collaborated with the artist Thomas Demand and the Berlin-based eyewear brand Mykita, and has curated design exhibitions for Canadian Government, Beirut Art Center, AM Qattan Foundation, House of Today + Wallpaper* and most recently, 5VIE City of Milan.

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