Finest Wines and Spirits Featuring Superb Burgundy, a Collection of Château Lafleur and Other Guinaudeau Family Estate Wines


New York – Christie’s New York Wine Department is delighted to announce its June auction, taking place across June 14 – 15, completing the Christie’s Luxury Week series of sales. This first Christie’s New York Wine sale of 2018 taking place at Rockefeller Center.

The curated sale will comprise 924 lots and opens on Thursday, June 14 with a superb collection of wines from the cellars of an established East Coast collector. The exceptional collection contains a number of rare Burgundies as well as superb Rhône, Bordeaux and Italian wines from in-demand producers and Chateaux. The collection is built around iconic producers of the regions including: DRC, Rouget, Mugnier, Roumier and Dujac.



On Friday, June 15, Christie’s will give wine collectors the opportunity to purchase one of the finest wines of Bordeaux and one of the rarest and most collectible in the world, Château Lafleur. The stock of Lafleur and other Guinaudeau Family Estate Wines are in pristine condition, proof-tagged from the 2005 vintage onwards and packed in banded original wooden cases.
An unprecedented selection of rare Jura wines and spirits from the cellars of Jean Bourdy will also be on offer. One of the most historic and singular Domaines in France, today run by brothers Jean-Francois and Jean-Philippe, who are the 15th generation of the family.



Perhaps best known for its mesmerizing Château Chalon, this offering also includes the Domaine’s Côte de Jura Rouge and Blanc, Vin Jeaune and perhaps most fascinating, the rare Fine and Marc de Jura reaching back to 1784. Ancient Madeira and rare Spirits close the auction.