A 12th edition with many attractive traits


Driven by their passion for the contemporary art medium, Carine Tissot and Christine Phal continue to take drawing higher and further in the 2018 edition. There is no shortage of novelty at the Carreau du Temple and beyond, satisfying the diverse tastes of all visitors.

About 20 galleries will be featured in the fair’s Process and Insight sections on the lower ground level with a notable spirit of prospection and discovery.

The exhibition Comics/Contemporary Drawing will compare and contrast these two disciplines by examining the material and immaterial similarities that contribute to their notable success in the contemporary scene. Furthermore, the month-long drawing event backed by the Ministry of Culture Le Trait plein d’attrait (‘Plentiful Attractive Traits’) will ensure the support of the TRAM contemporary art network in promoting educational endeavors and the transmission of culture by artists.



When Christine Phal, previously an art gallery owner, created the Contemporary Drawing Art Fair in 2007, she already knew she could rely on her daughter Carine Tissot, Director of Fairs  to share her know-how and suppliers’ contact details. In late 2009, Christine Phal and Carine Tissot decided to pool their expertise and resources officially. Thus, mother and daughter combined their skills to sustain and continue developing DRAWING NOW PARIS, renamed DRAWING NOW Art Fair in 2017. Since 2010, DRAWING NOW Art Fair has become a key event in the international calendar of art fairs.


72 galleries from around the world selected by an independent committee

Since its first edition, an independent committee has been selecting exhibitors at DRAWING NOW Art Fair. No one from the fair’s team nor any galleries are in the committee whichcomprises figures of contemporary art and contemporary drawing. No one from the fair’s team nor any galleries are in the committee which comprises figures of contemporary art and contemporary drawing.

For its 10th edition in 2016, 10 galleries were selected to choose an artwork they considered to be a contemporary masterpiece. In 2017, the MASTER NOW circuit occurred again. In 2018, visitors will be able to see contemporary masters of drawing selected by Philippe Piguet from about 20 galleries and presented in an itinerary along the fair. These masterpieces are displayed on the galleries booth and the fair visit guide in a circuit along the gallery stands under the glass-roofed Carreau du Temple.


Drawing Now Art Fair Galleries 2018



Insight sector is a new platform for discovery which allows visitors to discover new artists – french or international – who are less known and presented in a solo or duo show by emerging or more established galleries.


Process sector introduces galleries which present a specific project designed between the gallerist and the artist(s) – and eventually a curator – and build as an exhibition (thematic, theoric, experimental or curated) with an obligatory exhibition text. This section presents another aspect of contemporary drawing (video, animes, etc.).

Comics/Drawing: Correspondences

Always committed to showing and sharing the vast array of contemporary drawing over the past 50 years, the DRAWING NOW Art Fair’s 12th edition is placing an emphasis on comics. With a selection of drawing “strips”, animated or “comic” drawings, original boards, and other images, the aforementioned institutions are each hosting exhibitions in Paris and in Angoulême. Contributions of contemporary artists to Comics as well as connections between comic book artists and the contemporary artworld will be highlighted. Like every year, the exhibition at the art fair is curated by DRAWING NOW’s artistic directors Philippe Piguet and Joana P.R. Neves.


Since 2007, Paris is the place for drawing in March.

For more than 10 years, DRAWING NOW Art Fair offers to various visitors – amateurs, professionals or collectors, to discover the many facets of drawing a,d allows a unique kindof meeting with this medium.

There is no more need to demonstrate that March, more than any other, is the month of drawing. The DRAWING NOW Art Fair continues to strengthen the position of drawing and its role in providing access to art and culture. This year, the fair is introducing the Month of Drawing.

Supported by the Ministry of Culture, a month of Plentiful Attractive Traits will stimulate involvement by students, schools, and art by amateurs who have already been very active inthe domain of drawing for a solid twelve years with the DRAWING NOW Art Fair.

DRAWING NOW Art Fair gathers art centers and institutions of Paris and Ile-de-France region. This will permit workshops to be led by contemporary artists whose predominant medium is drawing. Participants will benefit from their expertise.The crucial role of artists in the transmission of know-how will give rise to several forms of interaction in the upcoming edition of DRAWING NOW Art Fair. Work created during  workshops will be exhibited.


DRAWING NOW Art Fair invites you to discover always more about contemporary drawing!
22-26 March
Carreau Du Temple. Paris , France