Artissima 2017 – Torino, Italy

Some New Things to be featured at Artissima Torino 2017

Artissima is Italy’s most important contemporary art fair. Since its establishment in 1994, it has combined the presence of an international market with a focus on experimentation and research.

Nearly two hundred galleries from around the world participate every year. In addition to the fair, Artissima is also composed of three art sections, headed by a board of international curators and museum directors, devoted to emerging artists, drawings and rediscovering the great pioneers of contemporary art.

Among the features of the forthcoming edition, particular attention will be paid to the nurturing of fledgling collecting and the reinforcing of the network of international collectors invited to Torino. Ilaria Bonacossa intends to actively support Italian art, promote the finestcultural resources of the area and identify the Italian artists of the future.

The Artissima 2017 project is being developed in close collaboration with Città di Torino and Regione Piemonte, and multiple cultural and artistic institutions active in the area and in the city.

As well as its consolidated relationships with the citymuseums and in particular with the Castello di Rivoli, Artissima will be working synergically with the Fondazione Torino Musei, GAM – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Camera – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Fondazione Merz, Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli, Collezione la Gaia, Museo Ettore Fico and the new OGR Torino. Moreover, new partnerships will be activated with localcentres of excellence redefining contemporary creativity such as the

international festival of electronic music Club to Club, the film festival TGLFF of Torino – organized by the Museo Nazionale del Cinema – along with a new collaboration with the Centro Conservazione e Restauro ‘La Venaria Reale’.



Artissima 2017 will see the introduction of the new Disegni section devoted to the expressive medium of drawing.

The section is intended to celebrate an artistic discipline capable of expressing theimmediacy of and the thinking behind the creative gesture, existing in a space suspended between idea and finished work.

Disegni will be curated by the exception al duo Luís Silva and João Mourão, directors of the Kunsthalle Lissabon , in Lisbon


Among the novelties for this edition are a fully revised coordinated identity by Studio Leonardo Sonnoli.

The graphic design chosen to represent the fair emphasises the transformative spirit of contemporary art that Artissima has always promoted.

It features the fair’s logo dissolves into water, metaphorically describing the intention not to settle for a single image and to encourage future investigation, rendering visible Heraclitus’s phrase ‘pantarei’ (‘everything flows’), drawing explicit inspiration from the1,000 rivers of the Torino artist Alighiero Boetti, which like art itself are in constant transformation.


Forthe 2017 edition, the fair intends to invest in a new digital platform that through diverse social media will accompany the public throughout the year, with opportunities for analysis and previews of the 2017 edition.

To this end #ArtissimaRewind, a series of virtual events exploring Artissima 2016 was created. Every Thursday from February to July Artissima shall be publishing in the video gallery on the site ( and on the fair’s social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) a series of performances, interviews, conversations and guided tours by influential international curators and collectors (Walkie Talkies, by Lauretana) and professional cultural mediators ( Ypsilon St’Art Percorsi in Movimento, by Lancia)

Artissima 2017 will be held in Torino from 3 to 5 November at the Oval, a glass pavilion built for the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in the industrial archaeology complex of the Lingotto.It is curated by Artissima Srl, a company connected with the Fondazione Torino Musei.





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