Athens has a new hotel, an elegant and beautiful design hotel for The Luxury-Contemporary Style Lovers.  Athenswas hotel

Designed by a celebrated Greek design practice, the rooms, suites and entire interior of the AthensWas hotel stand out for their clear, vibrant and integrated aesthetic, which charms with its cohesion and uncontrived dedication to luxury.

The refined aesthetic of AthensWas stems from a single stylistic axiom rooted in the core principles of classical modernism and this contributes to the sense of inner peace which imbues its spaces and makes spending time in its spaces a joyous experience.

The AthensWas hotel  is dominated by Greek marble and Greek walnut. Guests can thus enjoy a veritable feast of superb Greek marble from different parts of the country and in a range of unexpected hues both in their private bathrooms and verandas and in the hotel’s communal staircases, floors and walls.

In the rooms and suites, furniture which we would describe today as modern classics, such as the LC3 armchairs which were designed in 1928 by Le Corbusier, the exquisite Eileen Gray divan (1925), or the wonderful coffee table designed by Warren Platner in 1966, blend perfectly with more contemporary creations of international design, such as the Canta and Viki armchairs by Toshiyuki Kita, the Venus chair by Konstantin Grcic, lamps by the Bouroullec brothers and many others that give vibrant fiery tones to the whole which both surprise and impress.

The calm, cheerful atmosphere is further enhanced by the softness – in most cases very discreet –of the lighting. Finally, the printed wall-to-wall carpets with their cheery modernistic designs direct from the swinging 60s underline the whole stylistic composition and maintain it in a state of constant merriment. If one were to describe this emotion in philosophical terms, it would probably be that AthensWas hotel offers its guests ‘Epicurean composure’, thanks to which they will remember their stay in Athens forever, as a magnificent and welcome ‘cure’, comprising real rest and lavish pleasures.


Six Reasons Why  Guests Love AthenWas Hotel

  1. AthensWas was created to delight visitors who want to experience Athens‘ tranquil, attractive side, in what has been the heart of the city since ancient times.
  2. AthensWas is a hotel which literally lives in the city’s history and enjoys it with an “epicurean composure” all of its own. But the hotel is also representative of the most contemporary and international side of the Greek capital, which looks ahead to the future with unbridled optimism.
  3. AthensWas is a Design HotelTM and it is designed in line with the core principles of classical modernism. The aesthetic of its rooms and communal spaces is defined by clean, uncluttered lines and natural materials—chiefly Greek marble and wood. Still, it leaves the eye with an impression which dances clear of the pretentious, gracing the luxury with delightfully deft touches which can often be described as playful. The end result is warm spaces in which the visitor feels utterly at home from the moment they walk through the door—the best possible recipe for a calm and restful stay.
  4. Every room has a veranda from which our guests can enjoy one of the most wonderful aspects of Athenian life: the pleasure of relaxing outdoors.
  5. AthensWas has a rooftop bar which enjoys an amazing panoramic view of the Acropolis, Lycabettus and the city as a whole, from the mountains that define its eastern and western boundaries, to the northern horizon and the sea to the south.
  6. Finally, the SENSE restaurant – the AthensWas restaurant – proposes a different, refreshing and light approach to Greek cuisine, which endeavours to provide novel and unforgettable gastronomic experiences.


The ATHENSWAS Hotel and Chef Thodoris Papanikolaou have joined forces and invite you to the SENSE Fine Dining Restaurant, on the top floor of the hotel with a stunning view of the Acropolis.

The recipes he will present at the will reflect his culinary philosophy: the today’s modern look of a Greek cuisine that does not diverge from its roots and memories, his own contemporary, often playful version of some classical ideas, his original views on the presentation of his dishes, and finally the evolution and his own mark on a cuisine that often looks as if it absolutely belongs to him, since it is hard to find any foreign influences in it.

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